Building the Fountain

And so it begins….

The RGB LEDs are IN

The second to last step of getting the tech for my laminar fountain is complete!

LightShow Pi ~ Early Tech Behind the Laminar Fountain

Today was awesome. I made huge progress in the tech side of the laminar fountain project.

Projects, Packages, and Progress, Oh My!

Good Morning, all!

Introducing: nucleo

Don’t you love getting exciting packages in the mail that are full of electronic cool stuff?

Improv: The Art of Spontaneous Theater

Today I rode home from one of my last improv competitions, where I helped prepare my team to compete against three others in a battle of laughter and jokes. It was a three day competition, and each team performed 12 games. It was exhausting, hilarious, and wonderful bonding time with people I hadn’t taken much time to get to know. The theme of the competition this year was superheroes, and my team was the JokeBusters. (I ain’t afraid of no joke!)

QEMU Debugging and TIL

This week was busy.

Spaced Repetition Learning Systems

lá maith, good day!