Arduino Sound System with DFPlayer

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up, so I decided to jump the gun on his project and make him a mini system that would play our favorite songs.

Project Hype: LED Spectrum Analyzer

I've always wanted to design something colorful and's the start of my creative take on an LED spectrum analyzer.

New Look, Same Great Content

Release notes from Jay, the redesigner of thallia's blog.


Syncthing is a neat multi-device program that manages to sync your files securely and fast.


LaTex is an awesome document creator, it's like a tool that lets you code your own documents. It's super useful for writing scientific reports, official documents (like papers or resumes), and more!

Project Hype: Chore Tracker (P.D.A.)

Semester Project with Arduino, RA8875 Driver, 7" TFT touchscreen, and lots of code! Buckle down for the next installment in the series of the P.D.A (parental digital assistant)

Interfacing Arduino, Adafruit 7" TFT Touchscreen, and RA8875 Screen Driver

Introducing my newest project...PDA - Parental Digital Assistant! A chore tracking system for parents to teach their kids how to organize their lives.

LinuxCNC with Plasma Cutter: Adding Torch Height Control

Gector and I set up a torch height control system for the plasma cutter in his machine shop--check out our process and documentation on how!