Filesharing with Rsync

For the past month or so, I’ve been attempting to find a way to file share between my main laptop and tower computer, with my server as the middle-man between the two that holds the main file repo. I wanted it to be the kind of file-tracking system where if one file is changed on one system, it’ll sense it and update the others.

thallia's tree Discord server

Community. It’s a great thing to have sometimes, especially in the programming/hacking/coding area of the net.

3D printing/OctoPrint Server/Updated Workstation

Guys, only one month before I move into college. One month to do all the things.

Reverse Engineering : PwnAdventure3 and Xonotic

I’ve been hacking a lot with my friend Gector, a fellow member of the UTW group, and we’ve been playing around with reverse engineering video games.

Migrating to Gitlab & xorg errors

With the recent news of Microsoft purchasing GitHub, I’ve increasingly been wanting to try to port all of my repositories over to GitLab. And believe me, it’s super easy and totally worth it!

Ubuntu Server and RTL8192CU driver

Sup hackers!

Of HDDs, SSDs, Towers, and Crossbows

Sup nerds!

ArkenPi : the revival

With all these projects I’ve accomplished over the past year, I figure I need to start a new one over the summer so I’m not bored, or embellish the ones I’ve already finished. Fouric’s project, spinal terror, is great but I’m waiting for him to get out of college classes so that we can work on the project more consistently. Starting a new project is pretty much out of the question because I am working this summer to save for college, so spending a lot of money on a new project isn’t very reasonable. I came to the conclusion that I should improve on some of my finished projects! I’m going to start with ArkenPi, since my  binary watch is pretty fresh in my head. I need a break from that one.