Schematics : spinal-terror

If you don’t understand a ton of circuit theory, have experience reading schematics, or played with a lot of circuits, then building your own schematic can seem daunting.

Spark : The Research Part 1

Though exciting, finding the right way to tackle this project has been tough! But I’m taking it in chunks.

Binary Watch : Complete

5 months ago, I’d never designed a project from scratch. 5 months later, I’ve learned to design a PCB from a schematic, manufacture it, use a barebones microcontroller, 3D model with fusion360, write code that interacts with hardware, and much more. This was a crazy fun project!

Project Hype: Spark

So far, I have completed all of the goals I wanted to get done before college. This is huge! And now I’m bored…

PCB 95% Complete : Binary Watch

A little under a month ago, my PCBs arrived! It has been a hilariously long wait to get everything else up to par.

Final code, schematic, and PCB : binary watch

Last we saw, I got the binary watch code working with the 32.768kHz clock and fuse bytes (aside from the buttons!

ATmega328P 32.768kHz, sleep modes, and new schematic : binary watch

For the past week I’ve been debugging hardware and software to get my barebones ATmega328P to work with a 32.768kHz oscillator as Timer 2, which will tick outside of the sleeping microcontroller. This way I can keep track of time even as the microcontroller is off and saving power.

Code - part 3 : Binary Watch

Last we talked about the Binary watch I was busy finishing up the second rendition of the working code and getting ready to complete the schematic.