Binary Watch : Complete

5 months ago, I’d never designed a project from scratch. 5 months later, I’ve learned to design a PCB from a schematic, manufacture it, use a barebones microcontroller, 3D model with fusion360, write code that interacts with hardware, and much more. This was a crazy fun project!

insert fanfare here

Debugging the PCB was easier than I thought, I realized I was pressing the wrong buttons, therefore the code was running but it wasn’t displaying. You would think the designer of the device would know what buttons to press, right? Haha.

Gector (from UTW) bought a 3D printer of his own, so I revamped my 3D-modeled case design and sent it to him to print. img_6081

Nice and shiny and black. :))


Looks preeetty slick!


The PCB fits really well, too.

I deem this project officially done, from a designing standpoint! Everything after this will be upgrades, which I will work on when I have the time. With college in the very near future and working 2 jobs, my time will be pretty divvied up between work and family.

But! I have a list of upgrades and things to do next for this, so my mind isn’t taking a rest.

For the next board and case revision, I want to upgrade:

And there you have it. This project is finished, and just getting started at the same time!

As for mini updates on other projects: I’m still saving up to replace the hard drive in my dell server (the old one croaked on me), and Spark is still very much in the works. Spark has some script work and content work to be done, but it will be updated soon :)

Onward, hackers!


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