Project Hype: Spark

So far, I have completed all of the goals I wanted to get done before college. This is huge! And now I’m bored…

Aside from debugging my binary watch’s PCB of course, but that’s minor and doesn’t take a ton of intellectually-stimulating brain thinking.

In the past month, I have invested more into my drawing and art-ing skills. I’ve always loved to draw, but just drawing scenery and characters and chibis have never really filled the gap I wanted it to. I love drawing and the results are always super fun, but I’ve never known what to actually do with what I produce.

Then…I had a spark.

What if I combined my art and creativity with technology and physics?

Thus was born Spark, an animation project to bring physics concepts to life. For this animation, I’ll be focusing on electricity/voltage, V=IR, electrostatic forces, and electromagnetic fields.

I have had a brief history of animation, starting when I was the wee age of twelve. I was fascinated with animation companies and how they produced movies. I would buy the art books of my favorite movies to see the concept art, storyboards, character design, and more. img_6006

(my collection of art books!) And yes, I have thoroughly inspected each and every one of these. I would pour over them for _hours. _I still do, sometimes!

Back to the point: I love animation. The process, the execution, the art. Gector lent me a laptop a while ago with Krita on it (Krita is an art and animation software), so I got my first taste of animation before the computer deleted my files .-.

But all hope is not lost! My grandma surprised me a week ago and bought me a Huion H610Pro tablet, which was beyond wonderful and I can’t be more thankful that she did that for me.



Isn’t it pretty?

I did some configuration on Linux following this guide:


And Huion was easily recognized by my laptop! :D It’s seriously like drawing on butter. I love it.

So far, I created a basic script/timeline of how the animation will run, and to do that I’m researching my brain off to learn deeper and deeper about the things I’m explaining.

It is likely I won’t get it done super fast right now since I have a lot of schoolwork and work piling on me, but I’m doing my best to keep up with the speed my brain is running at on this project.

I hope you all will be as excited for the next update as I am!


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