Code - part 3 : Binary Watch

Last we talked about the Binary watch I was busy finishing up the second rendition of the working code and getting ready to complete the schematic.

Connecting the Webserver to A Domain

Over the past week I have dedicated an insane amount of hours to getting this wordpress blog ported to my other domain. To do this, I had to set up a web server and redesign the website in HTML/CSS format.

Setting Up A Web Server on FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT

A project I’ve been meaning to accomplish before college is setting up a web server on my home server to host my blog. Now that I successfully got the wifi and ZNC working, I can get into some more exciting things!

i3wm Setting up backlight and sound

When moving to i3 window manager, my backlight and sound keys got disabled. This is a super simple fix.

Difference between a Dictionary, an Array, a Record, and a Map

In programming, there are different structures available to sort your data.

Programming Paradigms : What Are They and How Do They Work?

(disclaimer: this is a beginner’s explanation and understanding of these programming paradigms. if there are any errors or confusion, please let me know and I will edit or correct those to become more understandable. this is intended to be a basic overview.)

Adventures in Common Lisp and Project Newton

Goooood morning!

i3 Window Manager + Notification Daemon Dunst

I haven’t been doing a ton of super nerd things lately because of school and work, so I decided to play around with setting up the i3 window manager; one, because I wanted to learn a new way to navigate my computer, and two, because I’ve been bugged to try it one too many times. XD