ArkenPi ~ the touchscreen (Adafruit PiTFT Plus 3.5”)

After hours of errors, outdated repos, and problem solving, I have finally gotten ArkenPi’s screen working!

ArkenPi - install & config

Today has been a historic day. I’ve never attempted SSH before, but I tried to SSH into my printer instead of my raspberry pi.

Raspberry Pi Mini Laptop - Update 1

So the process has begun…..

Project Hype: RPi Terminal

Over the past week or so, I’ve been ordering and collecting parts for two projects I’ve been itching to build since I went to my local barcamp. And now that I’ve learned to solder, I can dive in head first.

not "soldiering", saw-der-ing

Today was exciting. At my mentor fouric’s college, they held intro and intermediate workshops on many different subjects for their students, including EagleCAD, KiCAD, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and soldering!

iPod Touch 3rd Generation Jailbreak

I was originally going to trade in my old iPod 3G, but none of the places I wanted to take it would give me good money for it (which is entirely understandable, it’s a ridiculously old model and hardly works anymore). I was going to take it apart to see the guts and glory, until my friend suggested that I load Linux onto it!

Dakboard, Physics, and Music

As September is coming to a close and pumpkin spice everything is settling into the Northwest, I’ve been reorganizing my projects, working a new job, doing schoolwork, and starting the long road of applying to college.

Laminar Pi + Airplay

Now that I got the Raspberry Pi 3, I could rework the tech and figure out the Airplay feature to get this fountain working!