ArkenPi - install & config

Today has been a historic day. I’ve never attempted SSH before, but I tried to SSH into my printer instead of my raspberry pi.

Then I wget-ed the HTML of a webpage instead of the actual file.

It’s been quite the day.

I bought a new microSD card since my other one was being ridiculously finnicky, and things are working much much better! I decided to try writing to the SD card a different way, where I unzipped the .zip file onto the SD instead of onto my desktop, then writing the image to the card.

Surprisingly, the OS that worked for me was the latest NOOBS distribution. When I attempted to write straight Raspbian Stretch, I got errors about some of the files in the .zip being damaged, so I installed Raspbian from NOOBS, which installed everything perfectly. The version I have is still stretch, but a seemingly healthier version.

Next, I installed Adafruit’s Occidentalis, which is a collection of packages useful for the raspberry pi. I did that by running:

sudo -s
echo "deb wheezy main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Then I ran curl -SLs | sudo bash, which installed a bunch of packages. There was the occasional error, but it installed what was needed.

The raspberrypi-bootloader and raspberrypi-kernel were already installed, so all I had to do next was sudo apt-get install adafruit-pitft-helper. I don’t understand why, but authentication and unverified repositories came up. I installed the packages anyway.

There is an error after you type ‘y’, which is error: /etc/kbd/config: no such file or directory. All you do to fix it is cd into /etc and mkdir kbd, then sudo nano /etc/kbd/config and save the file with Ctrl+O. Then head back to your home directory and it should work. :)

And yet, with all that done, the PiTFT still didn’t work. I was at a loss.

Then I found this forum:

And my life was saved. If you download the .txt file, there’s a good set of instructions that take you step by step through how to set up the PiTFT. I’ll update when I figure out whether or not it works, but if you attempt that way of doing things, just know that the old repos:


are gone, and you have to have to git clone the whole adafruit repository here:

Once I get this all done, I’ll put up a tutorial and show you what things should look like!

Until then…

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