Evil Russian Pushup Program

Two weeks ago, I challenged myself to complete what is called the “Evil Russian Pushup Program”.

Openbox/Ubuntu Macbook Suspend/Sleep Functionality Issues

Using a macbook with Ubuntu has some really weird side effects that are slightly different than using Ubuntu on a thinkpad or a different PC.

Openbox rc.xml resets on laptop reboot

My glory days in enjoying openbox were over when I accidentally rebooted my computer. Once logged back in, my openbox configurations had vanished. Tint2 and the others were still there, so I knew it was only openbox that was derping.

Project Hype: Binary Wristwatch

Announcing….my newest project!

OpenBox on Macbook Pro + Ubuntu

Openbox is a really cool window manager that is useful for us hackers who wish to configure everything about how our desktop looks.

Fish Shell - Install and Prompt Customization

Instead of the generic bash shell that comes with Ubuntu Linux, I installed the fish shell a while ago.

74HC595 Texas Instruments Shift Registers with ESP32

Texas Instruments 74HC595, ready for duty.

Edimax EW-7811Un Wifi Adapter on FreeBSD Server

Servers are awesome. They’re like huge hunks of metal and machinery that can perform duties like the big supercomputers they are.