Evil Russian Pushup Program

Two weeks ago, I challenged myself to complete what is called the “Evil Russian Pushup Program”.

This is a bodily intensive, fun workout to keep you moving during the day and strengthening your muscles at the same time. I recently acquired a dress that shows off the shoulders and arms, so I figured it would be a good idea to tone myself up before I wear it to the next folk or swing dance.

This program can be time intensive on certain days, and hardly so on others. Even if you have a packed schedule, I highly recommend trying it out.

Here’s the layout:


Mon: 100% test, relative intensity (RI) 30% Set frequency (SF) 60 min Tues: RI 50% SF 60 min Wed: RI 60% SF 45 min Thurs: RI 25% SF 60 min Fri: RI 45% SF 30 min Sat: RI 40% SF 60 min Sun: RI 20% SF 90 min


Mon: 100% test RI 35% SF 45min Tues: RI 55% SF 20 min Wed: RI 30% SF 15 min Thurs: RI 65% SF 60min Fri: RI 35% SF 45 min Sat: RI 45% SF 60 min Sun: RI 25% SF120 min


Mon: 100% test

On Mondays, or whichever day you choose to start, test yourself to your max. Do as many push-ups as you can before muscle give-out. Count how many you have, and that will be your base number of push-ups. Every day, take the percentage and apply it to your base number. This percentage will be the number of push-ups you do every time chunk, so for Monday, if my base push-up number was 45, the percentage is 30%. Take 30% of 45 (which is 14), and perform 14 push-ups every 60 minutes.

It may not seem like a lot of work at first, but trust me, each rep gets more exhausting on the more frequent days, and you really do build muscle. Over the two weeks, I increased my base number of 40 push-ups to being able to do 55 push-ups before fail after the entire program (I got sick a few days into week two and wasn’t able to complete three of the days, but my max during week two jumped up to 80). I lost a few inches on each arm, and generally feel stronger.

After a three day rest, I’m going for it again. I challenge you to do the same!

source: https://www.royalmarines.uk/threads/the-evil-russian-pushup-program.3968/


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