Project Hype: Binary Wristwatch

Announcing….my newest project!

I’ve always loved binary since I learned it, it’s so simple and intuitive to me. I found this binary wristwatch on a German website.

I wanted to buy it right away, but shipping was a chunk of money, as was the watch itself. That was around a year ago.

I re-stumbled upon the link recently and was inspired to design and build my own binary wristwatch.

I built my first mock-circuit based off of Gector’s binary clock, to make sure I had the theory right, then ran his code alongside it.

img_5383 Left top LEDs: Hours ^

Left bottom LEDs: Minutes ^

From the side: img_5382

His code was slightly wonky with my setup. The Hours displayed fine, but the Minutes were off. It took me a while to realize why. When he set up his clock, he had a display like so:

Hours1: 10
Hours2: 0
Minutes1: 30
Minutes2: 7
Seconds1: 40
Seconds2: 9
Displayed Time: 10:37:49

Where he had two rows of minutes. In my setup, I’m going for mimicking the wristwatch setup, where there’s only one row of minutes and one row of hours.

Hours: 8 4 2 1 Minutes: 32 16 8 4 2 1 Displayed time: 12:06

Knowing this, I’m going to have to fiddle with his C code.

Because I’m using a full sized ESP32 for the mock circuit, I ordered a baby ESP32 off of eBay.

The ESP32-S is now out of stock, so I got mine just in time :) Though I derped a little bit in the thinking-things-through process.

Because I only ordered the ESP32-S, I’m going to have to design my own PCB to use it. This is slightly inconvenient because I’ve never done such a thing, but it’s also a really good opportunity to learn how, so I figure it’ll be alright to exchange a fast building process for a learning experience.

List of internals:

I’m also going to need to design and 3D print a case for this thing, which means learning fusion360 or SolidWorks.

I’m brainstorming the following for the design of the outside container/attachments:

I’ll update as I continue work on this project, learning EagleCAD/KiCAD, fusion360, and much more. :)


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