Openbox/Ubuntu Macbook Suspend/Sleep Functionality Issues

Using a macbook with Ubuntu has some really weird side effects that are slightly different than using Ubuntu on a thinkpad or a different PC.

Openbox rc.xml resets on laptop reboot

My glory days in enjoying openbox were over when I accidentally rebooted my computer. Once logged back in, my openbox configurations had vanished. Tint2 and the others were still there, so I knew it was only openbox that was derping.

Project Hype: Binary Wristwatch

Announcing….my newest project!

OpenBox on Macbook Pro + Ubuntu

Openbox is a really cool window manager that is useful for us hackers who wish to configure everything about how our desktop looks.

Fish Shell - Install and Prompt Customization

Instead of the generic bash shell that comes with Ubuntu Linux, I installed the fish shell a while ago.

74HC595 Texas Instruments Shift Registers with ESP32

Texas Instruments 74HC595, ready for duty.

Edimax EW-7811Un Wifi Adapter on FreeBSD Server

Servers are awesome. They’re like huge hunks of metal and machinery that can perform duties like the big supercomputers they are.

ESP32 with Blynk - Lighting an LED over wifi

Recently, my friend Gector lent me a new microcontroller called the ESP32. They are fairly new to the market and have super cool wifi, bluetooth, and networking capabilities! Since I’ve been in the area of networking projects for the past few days, I thought I’d play around with one.