Parental Digital Assitant (PDA) Chore Tracking System

Parental Digital Assistant

Portfolium Project:

In my freshman spring semester of 2018, with my design team I designed and created this chore tracker for children.

Each year in the engineering courses there is a Makers Competition, where students are put into teams, are given an arduino, and are told to make a project by the end of the semester that has to do with the theme.

The theme for Spring 2018 was smart children and baby products, so I came up with the idea for my team, and we went with a smart chore tracker that helps children start to learn how to organize themselves as the experience more difficult schooling and more chores to complete.

Our product competed against many others in the competition, and we won the Best Functioning Product award out of these categories:

I learned how to write complex programs in C++ by building it in segments and debugging them before putting them all together. I learned how to manage a team as the team leader, delegating tasks to my teammates and making sure they were completed on time. I focused on building the circuit and writing the program, while my other teammate built the encasing and helped to write many of the reports.


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