Arduino in Rofi - Building from Source


I’ve been needing to use my Arduino IDE for a class I’m in at the moment, but it was being a dork and having me change all these permissions for me to access a port (which I fixed…) but I also didn’t like having to execute it from the terminal and experiencing library issues, since I hadn’t set it up right in the first place.

So the first step was (after clearing out all the old arduino IDEs I’d messed with), I installed the linux64 package from the Arduino website.

After it downloaded, I moved it to my home directory and ran: tar -xf arduino-1.8.8.tar.xz to extract it, then removed the archive with: rm arduino-1.8.8.tar.xz

At this point it ran, but I didn’t have the executable.

cd arduino-1.8.8

and everything should exist.

But, this didn’t solve my problem of wanting to not execute from the folder. So I looked into what are called $PATH variables in linux, and for my specific shell,(fish shell for the win!) I found I needed to permanently add the arduino directiory into my file.

So I went into ~/.config/fish/ and created, then inside that file added: set PATH ~/arduino-1.8.8/ $PATH which adds that directory’s executables to the $PATH variable.

But that still doesn’t solve executing from the terminal.

So I did something sneaky, and symlinked the arduino executable to where my Rofi applications manager executes programs from:

sudo ln -s ~/arduino-1.8.8/arduino /usr/bin/arduino

And boom, problem solved. :)

Until next time!


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