Ricing with Polybar (& i3)

polybar rice

Welcome back to another tidBit!

A while ago I set up my laptop with polybar, but I decided I needed an upgrade.

I found a beautiful polybar setup on reddit, so I copied it and sat down to get it working on my laptop.

The first issue was getting the icons to work. I kept getting errors like this:

warn: Dropping unmatched character  (U+e028)

To fix this, I needed to find what icon pack the original author was using. Down in the polybar config, there was a line that said:

font-0 = Inconsolata:size=10;1 font-1 = lineawesome:size=13;1

Lineawesome is a similar icon package to fontawesome, so I knew that was the font package I needed to get. Finding this page on lineawesome’s website I was able to download the ZIP file. Once extracted, the .ttf file inside is what I needed.

Once you’ve located the .ttf file, you need to move it to the font directory on your laptop.

mv ~/Downloads/line-awesome/line-awesome.ttf ~/.local/share/fonts/

Once that’s done, you have to reset the font cache with:

fc-cache -f -v

Running polybar <name of bar> after that displayed the icons! Woo!

After that, it was smooth sailing for customization. Every button now launches the program I want:

You can find my polybar config here: https://gitlab.com/thallia/dotconfig/blob/master/polybar/config

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